Hi, I’m a pianist and composer from Australia. I believe music can bring healing to both body and soul, when written with pure intent. I write peaceful piano music with no words. Wordless music has the ability to bypass the mind and speak directly to the heart, connecting to our inner emotional and intuitive world.

My music is inspired by my travels, both the inwardly and outward. Outwardly; I love nature- the stillness and peace that comes from verdant greenery or the immensity of the ocean. Inwardly; I am always reading- Topics of spirituality, theology, philosophy, self development, authenticity and creativity.

I am honoured to share my music with you here and I hope it speaks to that place within you, that is beyond words.

You might also like to listen to some of my other projects and collaborations. Heartsense is a series of albums featuring peaceful piano & violin compositions with my friend, accomplished and award winning composer Salliana Seven Campbell. Another collaboration is Harmony Tree, an ambient music project with my friend Jeremy Williams Healing. This features Jeremy's angelic voice and guitar. Silent Sentinel is a single that I co-composed with international artist,  Mathew Joseph.